Sunday, November 15, 2015

Indoctrination and Terorism

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Until ideologies that allow people to act without humane considerations and carry out evil based on the justification of an eternal hereafter of reward, are completely discredited and erased, we shall continue to have young minds that are fertile for indoctrination to be used as tools of terror.

Whether this be based on racial/tribal superiority, religious fanaticism or other forms of extreme propagation of faith, brand identity and natural affiliations, they have the potential to be used to achieve devious political and ideological ends.

In the case of the Middle East and Northern Nigerian variants of terrorism, whilst religion may not be the root cause, it does certainly act as a catalyst and an enabler. There are those who will be used to achieve political goals, using violence, when they're brainwashed to believe they're doing it for God. But when people read this they think "Oh, he's blaming my religion, etc.” Well I'm blaming the system that allows some preachers and authorities of that religion to preach doctrines which provide moral shelter, validation and comfort for those who will be used to perform inhumane acts against others with the encouragement of reward in the hereafter.

While it is important to tackle poverty, injustice and non-inclusion in society, we must also remember that these are not exclusive ills to any one people or part of the world.


I found these two videos from the internet that go further in buttressing my point. One is from Javed Ahmad Ghamidi, a renowned Islamic Scholar from Pakistan, and the other from Al Jazeera. I enjoin you to watcg both these videos for cause, symptom and solution. The Al Jazeera video will amaze you, I promise.

1. Javed Ahmad Ghamidi, on Islamic fundamentalist extrmism and related terrorism:

2. Al Jazeera video showing children being indoctrinated by the Taliban:

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